A Quality Management System (QMS) identifies all organized arrangements, which secure the improvement of the processes and its performance. Therefore it is serving the quality of products of all kind.

A QMS is part of a functional management, which wants to improve the effectivity and efficiency of a job/product/service (work quality). In this management system the factors material, time are included to increase and enhance the quality of products and services.

Of a complex integrated QMS, we are thinking of, includes the following:
o professional solution strategies
o the preservation or improvement of the satisfaction of customers and clients
o motivation of staff
o standardisation of operation and working processes
o fixing of norms for products and services
o documentation of processes
o professional training of staff
o design and setting of workspaces

All working processes designed in a QMS secure that all quality related matters have their well-defined position in the management system. Quality is not only related to all products and services, but also to all internal processes in the organisation. It is defined as the rate the individual product or service is passing the fixed quality items. These requirements can be defined very explicit, but they also can be presumed very implicit (expectations).

A QMS does not improve unavoidable a better result, it only guarantees that the defined quality is fulfilled. Also the process of production even of a cheap article can have a well working QMS.