„He’s a really interdisciplinary educated generalist. One, who always gives his best, no - he gives his maximum.”

The very special situation, that I had to finance my studies by myself, had the positive effect, that I was getting a lot of high practical experience of high quality besides my studies. This “interlacing and its connection” of all this very different factors (education & experience as its basement) made me the successful consultant working for the benefit of my clients.

As you can see in my vita, I do have academic training and the equivalent professional experiences in the following specialist divisions (in chronological order):

o   Part studies Human Medicine (experience as male nurse or clinical traineeship in psychiatry, mediation, general and trauma surgery, health and safety officer)

o   Ecology (City-, Agro-, Mountain-, Forest-, Limnologic-, Marine-Ecology)

o   Business Management (environmental- & quality management, management of the company)

o   Environmental & Process Technologies (plant engineering: project management, commissioning; biomass-, biogas-, bioethanol-, bio-diesel-sites; small-water-power-plants; product development)

My passion to share my knowledge with second and third persons for their benefit is part of my consulting principles.

As a consultant or coach of the management, as project manager, head of commissioning or head of a department in plant engineering always used all my skills successful for the benefit of my client, as seen in my references.

Very often I was also the successful consultant for process optimisation for the production of goods but also of services.