Even my first diploma „The successful transfer of sustainable technologies by the example biogas technology in Cuba”, I wrote to finish my studies of ecology, already was a task of clean-/green-/sustainable-technologies.

Later this skill was intensified more and more due to my really interdisciplinary studies at the college of higher education “Environment-Management-Austria”, my job as project manager of different clean technology projects, or head of commissioning and creator of new sustainable technological solutions. For all below listed projects I can bring several positive references.

My professional and international experiences are mainly in the following fields of clean technology:

o  Bio-Gas (modular system of brick-built-biogas-reactors)
o  Bio-Mass (wood chips-, pellets-heating, therm. waste management)
o  Bio-Diesel (batch-process, continuous-process, modular system)
o  Power-Heat-Cogeneration (PHC = creation of electrical power and heat)
o  Solar-Technology (“solar-hot-tub”, “solar-cooling”, “solar heating with ice”)
o  Small-Hydro-Power-Stations (creation of “gravitation-hydro-power-stations” in a modular system)

Besides these areas of activities, which were dominated by my creative and interdisciplinary way of finding solutions, I always am ready for new challenges, tasks and trouble shootings.