You want to know how I respectively we are working, to see if we are the ideal partner for your enterprise. Shrtly said – WHY US?

o Our costs are 100% transparent. Every client gest his individual offers. We have models with payment by hour or day/ all-inclusive prices/ low rates but bonus and penalty fees.
o We only accept projects, when we are qualified for the task. At the beginning of every job we must have a meeting to find out what our client is expecting. Sometimes we have to refuse a job with a heavy heart and obeying the principle “never violating the client interests”, we will send you to a better qualified partner.
o In necessary we will bring partner consultants. If the dimension of a job needs more than one consultant we take this very serious. So we will bring qualified partners to assist us and satisfy our interests.
o Our consulting is independent and objective to a 100%. We will never violate the interests of our client. From the very first moment we accept a job, the interests of our client becomes our supreme principle.
o On behalf of your interest we also check for alternative solutions. Our experience showed us that sometimes a total new and obscure alternative is the best solution.
o All information’s we get we keep confidential. For us consultants the utmost discretion to third parties is not only a must but the base of our two-way non-disclosure agreement.